Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Editor's note:  I can't believe I let my history trail off and just end back then.  There's still so much to tell!  Let me begin.

A few weeks after we got married, we were invited to join Julie and Chris and their family in Zion National Park.  Chris had a work conference in Cedar City so they went down at the beginning of the week with Marmee and the kiddos and we joined them for the weekend.  I remember feeling very discouraged during the drive because I was in search of a new job.  We figured it wasn't ideal for two married people to be working at the same place.  We didn't want to have to work completely alternate hours from one another so the best solution was for me to find something new.  I hadn't had any success yet and was down on myself.  I started crying and tried to hide it from Adam by pretending to sleep.  Yeah, he saw right through me!  He had to stop the car so he could give me a hug and words of encouragement.  I am always amazed at how tender and loving he is.  I felt so much better by the time we got to Zion.

But Bradley did not.  He got sick that night and the next morning Julie and Marmee took him and Lindsey, with her broken arm, back to Provo, leaving me and Adam with Chris and Nathaniel to explore the park.  We had a blast!!!  We were of course sad to be without the others but the park was so beautiful!  We hiked to the Emerald Pools and saw ancient Native American rock drawings.  Even though Nathaniel was young he was a good little hiker and we got to do most of the trails.  Though I still have yet to try Angel's Landing.

It was incredibly hot during the day and super windy at night.  I remember thinking the tents were going to blow away with us in them!  But inside the canyons of the park it was perfect.  We had a wonderful time!

I wish I had more pictures from the trip.  Maybe I can get some from Julie...


beta bearden said...

I <3 Mel and Adam! Happy Anniversary! And an infinity more to come!! Love you.

Messimoo said...

Julie....more pictures! get a move on! :) Happy anniversary! So happy you started back up! :)