Wednesday, May 1, 2013

mightymouse and missybee

Instant messaging was a big part of how Adam and I started to get to know one another before we officially began dating.  We used to IM while we were sitting right next to each other at work or til the wee hours of the morning.  And very fortunately for me, some of the conversations were saved!  Here are a couple of exchanges from just before we started dating that cause me to smile uncontrollably.  Do you ever feel like your face just can't smile as big as you want it to?

This is our great friend, and fellow dispatcher, Christy sharing a conversation she had with Adam about me:

Krispie604: I made some stupid comment like "I thought you were dating someone" comment and he was like "you told me you had a friend you wanted to set me up with"
Krispie604: and I said "yeah, I prolly just watned to be a homewrecker."
Krispie604: and now he said, "so who is this friend...anyone I know?"
Krispie604: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH...waht shoudl I tell him
Krispie604: YOU ARE THAT FRIEND!!!!!
Krispie604: apparently Alisa told him that he should marry you
Krispie604: mightymouse334: u wanna hear my opinion of the whole situation??
Krispie604: love too.
mightymouse334: hmmmmm... how do i put this:/
mightymouse334: so ever since the 1st night i came in 4 training... i've been interested
mightymouse334: but i had been told she was my boss/supervisor whatever... and that kinda made things weird in my head
mightymouse334: so i said, no
Krispie604: yeah, I can totally udnerstand that
Krispie604: he said he would have asked you oout weeks ago.
missybee17: are you serious?
Krispie604: yes!!!!

And this is me and Adam, after Christy helped him understand I wasn't really his boss, and knowing Christy, sent him some of my comments about him:

mightymouse334: so i'm doin pretty swell right about now:-)
mightymouse334: how bout u??
missybee17: yeah, pretty good.  why you so swell?
mightymouse334: cuz i just got some great news from a friend!
mightymouse334: things are lookin up 4 me:-)
missybee17: well, im glad to hear that
missybee17: whats so great?
mightymouse334: life in general
mightymouse334: last couple days or week or so i'd been confuzled about some stuff
mightymouse334: but i was enlightened 2night, and things are happy
mightymouse334: the clouds have parted and the sun is shining through!
missybee17: wow, that is some awesome news!
mightymouse334: i'm not at liberty right now to reveal all the details... but it's def a happy/good thing:D
missybee17: ill take your word for it
mightymouse334: sounds like a plan stan;-)

After the first date:

Krispie604: mightymouse334: hey sis
Krispie604: how was your date?
Krispie604: :-)
mightymouse334: awesome!
mightymouse334: sorry... no m&ms though
Krispie604: LOL...its okay
Krispie604: will there be another chance?
mightymouse334: oh... i'd pretty much bet on it 
Krispie604: she said it went well.
Krispie604: mightymouse334: u talked 2 mel and she said it went welll
mightymouse334: but... what else did she say??
Krispie604: she said it was so fun
Krispie604: mightymouse334: did she tell ya bout how we sat in a tree on msrh 4 like an hour?? and talked there 2?
Krispie604: NO!
Krispie604: taht is so cute!
Krispie604: I like taht idea.
mightymouse334: or about how she handed me this lil twig thing and told he i had 2 keep it...
mightymouse334: so i stuck it in my hair?
Krispie604: NO! that is cute too!
Krispie604: did you keep it?
mightymouse334: :-(
mightymouse334: it blew out of my hair on the walk back home
mightymouse334: (@ 2 in the mornin)
mightymouse334: and i couldn't find it:'(
Krispie604: Krispie604: OH NO!
Krispie604: taht is cute though
mightymouse334: so then yesterday when i came into work
Krispie604: yeah yeah eyah
mightymouse334: she turned around and gave the hugest grin...:D
Krispie604: mightymouse334: and i just about melted right there by the door
Krispie604: mightymouse334: most of the night fri she was totally clutched 2 my arm
mightymouse334: it was pretty  much awesome
Krispie604: that is so adorable!
Krispie604: oh my goodness.
Krispie604: I am dying of cuteness
Krispie604: mightymouse334: so in the beginning... there was an interview
Krispie604: LOL
mightymouse334: and @ that pt i really don't remember having any feelings 4 her
mightymouse334: but that's prob b/c i was nervous and not really thinkin about anything
mightymouse334: then the next time i saw her was the mon night b4 i came in to start trainin 2 fill out a sched
mightymouse334: and i was totally like, man, this girl is amazingly beautiful...
Krispie604: mightymouse334: but i coulda sworn she had a big ol rock on her finger
Krispie604: taht is so cute!
mightymouse334: (yes, i did totally check!)
Krispie604: mightymouse334: but then i came in on thurs (when we were supposed 2 have pizza)
mightymouse334: and i saw that there was no rock... and i got pretty xcited
mightymouse334: but then i got totally wierded out w/ the whole boss factor
mightymouse334: till mon... when u n i started talkin
mightymouse334: so all that 2 say... thanx christy!  u're pretty much the coolest big sis i've ever had... or prob ever could have:D

I still feel so bad about not having pizza that night when I told him we would!  Poor man, he was probably starving!

No woman who enjoys the favor of being loved by such a man can ever be truly unhappy.  My longing for his presence is physically painful at times.  Seven years ago I made the best decision I ever could or will make.  I was sealed to Adam for time and all eternity.  Happy Anniversary, my Love!


C, J, T, and M said...

Wow...I remember the cuteness that was Mel and Adam. Dealing with you guys was much for entertaining that actually doing my job! :)

marmee said...

So sweet and romantic!