Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad, do wishes really come true?

"I wish some guy would walk into my life
who is so exactly what I want that I fall head 
over heels for him & he does the same for me.
Only in my dreams."
Oct. 22, 2004

"There's Adam who is in the Nerd Radio Club
& plays the trombone in the orchestra.
Sadly, I have just the tiniest crush
on him, but I'm sure he doesn't
Oct. 10, 2005

"First and most important, I have
the biggest crush on Adam Cox...
I just feel so happy around him that
I hate to leave.  I don't count the hours
at work anymore, I relish them."
Oct. 23, 2005 

"He loves me!  I really
don't think one person can bear
so much happiness!"
Nov. 23, 2005


julie said...

from the tiniest crush to the biggest crush in 13 days -- that's mel in a nutshell. and in just over a year you went from dreaming of mr. right to head over heels for him. you are one lucky girl! how rare to love like that.

C, J, and T said...

Love it. I must say...your crush made work MUCH more fun for me TOo!!!!!

marmee said...

Watching you during that time was a gift for me and I'll always remember how sweet and special that time was. I love you.

Fred said...

Yes, wishes really do come true. When they are actually righteous desires this is especially so. I think the example of you and Adam shows that these wishes are not granted in a small way, but truly blessings pour forth until there is not room enough to receive them. You prayed for a guy to walk into your life and fall head over heels for you. Boy, did that ever happen. As he fell so did his brothers, sister, and parents. Not only did your dream come true, but so did many others.

Yes Mel, dreams really do come true.