Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Magical Week

Adam outside the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall where 
the princesses would all stop by and visit us at our table!

Adam and I got to spend an entire week frolicking around Disney World.  We were able to visit all the parks as well as Downtown Disney.  We had tickets to both water parks as well but we never had enough time to go!  We also got to dine every night in one of Disney's exquisite restaurants.  Adam had planned this out all in advance and made reservations for us and everything.  I felt like royalty. 

At DownTown Disney outside Planet Hollywood.

One day we had reservations at Planet Hollywood for dinner.  During the day we visited the Animal Kingdom where we rode the river rapids ride and got thoroughly soaked.  I was pretty keen on going back to the hotel to change before we visited the restaurant, so Adam and I got in line for the shuttle bus and waited.  And waited.  It was getting close to our reservation time and so we decided to take a bus directly to DownTown Disney thinking my clothes might eventually dry (in Orlando.  Right...).  As soon as we got out of line for our shuttle bus, it showed up, but by this point the line was so long, we wouldn't have gotten on the shuttle.  So instead we headed to the DTD bus only to discover that there wasn't a direct shuttle!  Of course, my husband the eagle scout wasn't at all daunted by this little predicament.  He found us a shuttle to another resort and somehow managed to get us from there to downtown just in time for our reservations!  It was awesome, even if my clothes were still damp!

In front of Mount Everest, home of the Yeti.  Pre-rapids.

Just chillin', waiting on the parade.

When my family  visited Disney World when I was a kid, they generally avoided parades and special shows.  But Adam insisted that we caught every single one.  We waited eagerly for parades, we got almost front row seats for Cinderellabration, the coronation of Princess Cinderella, we attended StoryTime with Belle.  And Adam kept track of everything.  It was so sweet.  He took me everywhere a princess should go at Disney World.  

Posing outside the race cars at the Magic Kingdom.

Thought we'd get a photo taken in front of our new home.  
I wish!!!

Adam is so adorable!  And we had a magnificent and memorable week.  We're so grateful to Mom and Dad  Cox for making this awesome trip possible.  It was so nice to visit a place that is so special to both of us and be able to make our own memories there together.  While there we decided to make Disney a family tradition and we hoped to take our children there so they could enjoy the magic of Disney.  I hope someday we will be able to put that wish into action.


Becca said...

What a sweetheart your husband was to put that trip together! I didn't know that he had made all those preparations. I'm glad you were able to feel like the princess you are. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Christy said...

All I can say is that is awesome! What a great memory!