Sunday, November 23, 2008

Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow, here we come!

The next morning, a car arrived at the bed and breakfast to take us to the Salt Lake airport for our flight to Orlando.  Adam had thought of everything and  he had done it all so sneakily.  I must say, I felt pretty important, what with the chauffer carrying my luggage and opening doors for me.  :) 

We arrived at the airport and proceeded to the check in counter, where I discovered that in all the wedding excitement, I had forgotten to pack my passport and therefore I was entirely without suitable ID.  And here I was trying to get on an airplane!  Well, thankfully the security still let me through after I passed a few supplemental security protocols.  That hurdle passed over, we headed to our gate to wait for our plane.  Adam left me to hold our spot in line (we were flying Southwest, old-school) while he went in pursuit of the sugary deliciousness of the nearest Cinnabon.  

After a full day of flying, we arrived in Orlando where we were quickly whisked onto a bus to take us straight to our hotel.  We didn't even have to collect our baggage.  Disney was doing that for us.  

The first day we headed to Epcot Center.  We had lunch reservations at the restaurant at the Land exhibit.  This was probably my very favorite of all the restaurants we visited, and that's saying something.  Thanks to Adam's wonderful and generous parents, we got to eat at so many of the awesome restaurants there.  That's something I'd never been able to do, even though I'd been to Disneyworld a million times before.  

First off, it was a revolving restaurant.  Second, the round design made our table completely private, except from the occasional characters who would stop by to say hello, including Mickey Mouse!!  And third, the food was exquisite.  So good!  And our waiter was really cool.  He even took a photo for us!

The rest of the day was magical as well.  We had a wonderful time exploring the park and searching for the wall photo of Adam and his best friend Jen from when they had visited with their senior class.  I don't think we ever managed to find it.  It was the first of many wonderful, magical days.  


Messimoo said...

I love reading about you guys. Thanks for sharing!

Christy said...

That is awesome! Sounds like a perfect dream~from the car to the dining! I would love to go to Disney World some day!