Thursday, July 31, 2008

Almost There!

April was agonizingly slow but it was drawing to a close.  The last week of the month hosted my sister Becca's graduation from BYU (Go Bec!) and my endowment.  Adam's parents and younger brothers flew in from Massachusetts on Friday in order to be there for my endowment on Saturday.  Yes, this was only the second time I had met them and in a few short days I would be their daughter.  (Let me just explain something about the awesome Coxes.  They don't have in-laws.  They figure we're gonna be family for eternity, we might as well dispense with the unimportant distinctions now.  And it's kinda fun to watch the look on people's faces as they try to figure out how we are all related. :)

Wasn't it nice of the temple to have their flowers match my dress?

The Beccas are missing here.  Bearden was the one holding the camera and Cox was unable to come due to morning sickness.  Silly James!

After attending the temple on Saturday morning, our two families spent some time visiting and getting to know each other better.  On Sunday, Adam attended my ward with me (as he always did) but this time we had the whole Cox clan in tow, minus Jon and Becca who attended their own ward in Provo.  It was fun to stand up in Relief Society and introduce my soon-to-be mom and announce the fact that I had two more days til my wedding!  Can you believe it!  


marmee said...

That was such a special, wonderful day!
I love you.

becca said...

Silly James indeed! I'm so glad I was at least able to attend your sealing! On another note, I think your dress is absolutely beautiful and it is really cool how the temple flowers matched!

Christy said...

I think its cool that y'all dont use the in-law titles. :)

Messimoo said...

I have ALWAYS been impressed with Adam's family. I LOVE how much they love you!

julieb said...

THAT was a truly perfect day. the glorious messages of the temple and the love of family. i'm so glad i could be there with you both, mel. thanks for letting me be a part of yours and adam's very special temple experience.