Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mr. Tilney! How came you into my backpack?

One Thursday afternoon I was sitting in Adam's kitchen waiting for him to walk me to the library on his way to work.  He was in the other room putting on his shoes or something.  As I waited, I pulled my notebook out of my backpack to check on something, and I discovered this:

Not sure if I was supposed to have found this little love note yet, I quickly hid it back in my backpack without reading it before Adam returned so he wouldn't know.  I kept expecting him to mention it or try to get me to look in my backpack but he never did.  So I didn't say anything.

We parted ways at the doors to the library and I headed down two flights of stairs to the social sciences section of the library.  I had just sat down at a table, gotten myself all situated, when I opened a different pocket in my backpack to discover this:

It was the absolute most adorable little kitty I had ever seen!  And sneaky Adam had hidden him in my backpack some time that morning.  Now I understood the note.  I quickly pulled it out and read it.  After I had sufficiently recovered from the note, I decided I had to talk to Adam about it NOW so I headed back out of the library.  I wasn't going to get much work done today.  How could I concentrate on boring old history when I had the sweetest fiancee ever?

I named the kitten Mr. Tilney after the hero of my favorite Jane Austen novel, Northanger Abbey.  He and I have been inseparable ever since that day.  Kinda like me and Adam.  Mr. Tilney is the best cat ever.  He never makes any messes or claws the furniture.  He only meows when I give him permission.  And he is unsurpassed among stuffed animals for his ability to comfort and bring cheer.  I love him so very much as to me he symbolizes Adam's love for me. 



julieb said...

this is truly adorable. how many times has lindsey tried to "borrow" mr. tilney from your room? could adam be any cuter???

Elizabeth said...

This storytelling is lovely.