Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's All About the Dress!

Now that the place and date were set, it was time I started figuring out everything else. So, I attended to the most important thing first: my dress! Marmee and Becca accompanied me to Allyse's Bridal for the first stop. And can I just tell you, I felt like a princess! The lady who was helping me was super nice and complimentary (though I'm sure that was just part of her job). But I loved just about every dress I tried on. They were actually flattering! I had been worried that I would not like how I looked in a wedding dress, but I actually loved it! I mean, I even opted out of the empire waisted, Austenesque dress because it didn't do me justice! And don't get me wrong, I'm not being prideful, these were just very beautiful dresses!

After this first fitting, I had found two dresses I was really considering. One had a lot of elegant beadwork and laced up the back. The other had a full skirt and beautiful lace trim. They were very different dresses and I couldn't decide which I liked best. So, I decided to take some time to consider it.

This is something like how the dress looked, though I don't know if it's the exact same dress.

I felt like a real Southern Belle in that full skirt with the train and everything!

That night I went home and, of course, spent some time talking to Adam online. I told him all about my two favorites. Well, within moments he was sending me photographs of dresses from Allyse's website of dresses he thought I was describing. And of course, he was right! But I didn't admit that to him. I decided to check out the website myself and stumbled across a gown that had both the full skirt I wanted and lacing up the back. I decided to ask about it when we returned to the store.

The next day, Marmee and Becca took me to another bridal shop whose name I can't recall. I tried on tons more dresses, but none of these fit me as nicely as the ones at Allyse's. And I pretty much had my heart set on one of those first two dresses. So we headed back to Allyse's to make the decision. In the end I went with the combination dress I had found online. It had everything I loved about the other two and it looked just like a princess dress!

The One! Discovered thanks to Adam, naturally!

Of course, Adam managed to figure out which dress I had chosen before too long. I tell you what, it's impossible to surprise that man! He's just too curious!


marmee said...

That was such a special time for me - I'm SO glad I was able to be there with you and Becca. You looked so beautiful in every dress you tried on, which made it really hard to choose but the one you did pick was the absolute perfect dress for you.
I love you SO much!

julieb said...

you did look like a princess in your beautiful dress! i think it's great adam was interested in the process, too. and i remember going to the bridal store with you to pick up the dress after alterations or something and watching little lindsey standing on those pedestals in front of the mirrors. she felt like a princess too! good times.