Friday, May 30, 2008

Counting Down the Days

It's funny how I can remember so many details from the weeks before Adam and I started dating but the months between the engagement and the wedding are just a beautiful blur.  It's like once we discovered we were in love this rosy haze came over life and it was just happiness.  I guess there was a lot going on.  I remember being stressed out and getting behind in my classes because I had too much on my plate with work, school, and Adam.  

February brought the Valentine's Day when I made Adam his own batch of oatmeal raisin cookies.  I hate it when people ruin a delicious cookie with raisins, but they are Adam's favorite.  Of course, I was not accustomed to using raisins and they didn't turn out very well, but Adam didn't complain.  :)  Adam turned 23 on February 20th.  I gave him a model sail boat and some clothes (pjs and a sweater... random, but cute).

In March, Adam attended POST training in order to become a dispatcher.  I guess since he was going to have a family to support soon he figured he should get a higher-paying job.  He had to travel to Salt Lake every day for the whole week.  It was terrible!  We couldn't meet on campus between classes and he was in class all day so I didn't get many text messages or anything.  And he was gone all day long so I didn't really get to see him in the evenings!  I was glad when that week was over.

April brought the end of the semester.  Finally, the end was in sight!  Just a few short weeks before our wedding day!  As the day drew nearer, things grew more hectic.  But it was wonderful.  Start with final exams, one of which I just decided not to even take (statistics...), add on working long hours, many of them graveyard shifts, to cover for others and make a little extra money, throw in an awesome bridal shower, and top it off with tons of last-minute wedding plans and you get a vague idea of how it felt.  (I'm sure there are lots of people who know how that feels actually. :)  Thankfully I always had Adam there to remind me of what was really important and to make me laugh and make me happy.  Sometimes you just need to cuddle up on the couch and fall asleep watching the A Team.  And I wasn't the only one who would fall asleep watching those shows...

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