Saturday, May 31, 2008

But my nose gets red when I get cold!

It was a frigid February afternoon when Adam and I finally got our engagement photos taken.  I think Chris, who was of course our photographer, was the one who finally took matters into his own hands and ordered us to take the photos.  We chose to use Maeser Hill for our backdrop as it had so much sentimental value for us.  It was a sunny day but it was cold!!!

Adam is so cute!

Just chillin' while Chris gets the camera settings worked out.

Some random shots of us being goofy.

I just think this one looks really cool.  Why does Adam look perfect in every shot and I'm always making a funny face??  I don't look very happy in this one.  It's cause I was FREEZING!!

And of course we had to send announcements to France.  I think the French version just looks fancier, don't you?


Nanci said...

I LOVE these pictures. You were such a good sport to stay out in the cold for so long.

The French version of your invitation is really cool!

Love ya!

Mel said...

this series of photos are my favorite of you and adam. you both look great -- adam is incredibly handsome, and your eyes are so blue!!! i know it was cold, but it was definitely worth it for these memories. love, julie

becca said...

Your announcements turned out beautifully (in French and English!). I am still very impressed.