Thursday, April 3, 2008

Choices, choices...

Well, since everything was official now, Adam and I thought it was time to make some wedding plans. We had secretly been discussing a May wedding but that was as far as we had gotten. We didn't even know what temple we wanted to get married in yet. Now that we really started thinking about it, Adam started coming up with alternate plans for the date. At one point he suggested we get married in February over President's Day weekend. (He thought it was a great way to celebrate his 23th birthday!) That was quickly vetoed. There was no way I was getting married mid-semester. Talk about stress!

One of his other ideas was to wait until midsummer when his brother Matt would be home from his mission. You see, Jon and Becca had gotten married while Adam was in France on his mission and he really hated having to miss the wedding. And he didn't want to do that his little brother. The main obstacle to this was Adam's hope of getting a job in Alaska over the summer. He really wanted to drive a huge tour bus around Alaska all summer. (Adam enjoys driving any over-sized and scary vehicle, actually. Ok, he dreamt about driving any such vehicle.) I was a little unsure of whether or not I wanted to move to Alaska immediately after getting married. And we never even considered the option of him going to Alaska all summer and then getting married when he came home. In case you hadn't noticed, Adam and I don't like to be separated from one another for any period of time.

Well, eventually we decided to go ahead and get married in May without Matt being able to be present. :( We also decided not to go to Alaska so we could be present for Matt's homecoming and have an open house in Massachusetts while we were there.

The next step was to sit down and pick a temple. After looking at all the options, we chose the most beautiful temple of all: Manti. I cannot even tell you how gorgeous that temple is! And the grounds! It looks like a castle. What better place for this princess to marry her Prince Charming?

We chose May 2nd as it was conveniently placed between graduation ceremonies for BYU and the U. My sister Becca was graduating from BYU and Adam's brother Jon was receiving his master's from the University of Utah, so all of our family members who would be attending the sealing would already be in town. It was perfect! When Adam called the temple to schedule the sealing, the woman on the phone told him we could have any room at any time. (Apparently, Tuesday is not a very popular day to get married.) So we set it for 1:45 pm in one of the tower rooms. Now we just had to deal with about 1,000 more decisions that come with getting ready to be married!


LL said...

I hope you don't mind a stranger reading your cute blog. I'm in the Cox family ward, found you through Nanci. Your blog is like the cutest love story, I read it from start to finish one night. I'm so glad you've updated. You are a talented writer, what great memories!
Please keep them coming.
LL in MA.

julieb said...

ah, melly. those wonderful days. it was so much fun to watch you two plan your wedding. and i was so glad you chose the manti temple -- i could live vicariously through you since we couldn't have afforded to come to utah to get married. it was an unbelievably beautiful event with two of the cutest people ever!

marmee said...

Sweetie, I am SO glad I was able to be living there when you and Adam were in the process of becoming man and wife. It will always be a very special time in all of our lives. I am very lucky to have been a part of all of the wedding preparations and seeing how happy you were still makes me feel very happy, too.
I love you SO much!

Jon Becca James said...

I didn't realize Adam was so bummed about missing our wedding! I knew he was sorry he couldn't be there, but I didn't know he was still bummed about it a year or so later. He's really sweet. I wish he could have been there too (though not at the expense of his mission!). If we had waited, Matt would have been on his mission, and we weren't going to wait another two plus years to have them both home! As it was, our engagement was already 10 1/2 months . . . we were ready! I'm glad you and Adam can understand that. :)

genevievepelissie said...

Mel, you are an inspiration. I feel like I'm able to meet Adam through your blog. I hope you don't mind, but I added you to my blog so that others can see such a happy couple and what you mean to each other. Send me an email to and I'll send you an invite! Thank you for sharing so many of your joys together.