Sunday, April 20, 2008

Because Adam is Adorable

I found this the other day. Can't you still hear all those hearts breaking in unison as he announced to all his girl friends that he was officially taken! I love it!!! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2006
hey there all,
so sorry that i haven't kept y'all up to date on my doings as of late... i feel bad:( anyways, i wanted to let you all know my latest news, some of you already know, but i don't think everybody does. last semester i started working in police dispatch here on campus. while i was working there i met this girl... her name is melissa. anywho... after workin there a little while we started dating, and basically fell madly in love... well to get to the news last weds i asked her to marry me, and get this... SHE SAID YES!!!! that's right, adam cox is engaged we're getting married may 2 in manti... so that's your 50 second news flash from the life of adam anyways, i need to get to bed, so that i can get up in the morning and get to class on time... so l8r days all!

I just think this picture is hilarious! He's such a goof ball!


becca said...

you sure make Adam happy, don't you? And yes, that is a goofy picture ;)

julieb said...

i love that you have that message from adam to his friends, breaking the news! it is the most adorable thing ever! i can totally hear him saying this. and he used ya'll -- it was meant to be!

you're a heartbreaker!

julieb said...

by the way, even as a goofball he is totally cute!!!