Saturday, March 1, 2008

Time to meet the family

Christmas came and went and finally it was time for me to go to Massachusetts.  When I got to my gate at the airport I discovered my flight was delayed.  I had flown several times by myself, but never with any type of complication.  I already had a short layover so I knew I was going to miss my second flight which would just make things worse.  I was getting into Boston pretty late as it was.  I immediately called Adam to tell him the bad news.  Of course, he was quick to reassure me that everything would work out fine.  I, on the other hand, was very nervous and unhappy.  I mean, it had been forever since I had seen Adam.  I didn't want to wait any longer!  

When I got to my connecting city I had missed my flight but the airline had rescheduled me for the next flight which was only about an hour later.  Again, I called Adam to let him know.  I think I spent every moment I could on the phone with him during my travels that day. 

It was nearing midnight when I arrived in Boston.  I was just following the signs to baggage claim when I suddenly saw Adam standing at the bottom of the escalator, waiting for me.  His family was standing just a few feet behind him.  I was so relieved and happy to see him, I just ran up to him and threw myself into his arms.  Finally!

I think the exhilaration of seeing Adam again helped me not be too shy to meet his family. Adam's dad, mom, and littlest brother Danny were there.  (Pat was at home, and Matt was in Chile on his mission).  It was also late and I was really tired, so that probably added to my goofiness.  I don't remember what we talked about but I was very relieved to find everybody was super nice and friendly.  And quite silly!

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julieb said...

what a landmark day -- meeting those wonderful coxes. i'm so glad that because of adam we have had such a wonderful addition to our family. what incredible people....and silly, too! :) i can just see you now, leaping into adam's arms after that "long" separation. could you two be any cuter?