Monday, March 3, 2008

The Morning Train to Boston

We got up pretty early the next morning to go back into Boston to see a production of White Christmas on the stage.  I finally met Pat over breakfast.  He turned out to be much friendlier than I had expected him to be.  (He was a teenager, you know.  Actually, I guess he still is... Not that I have anything against teenagers... Or Pat for that matter!)  After picking up Adam's cousin, Jan, we headed to the subway station outside Boston so we could take the train into the city. After a short walk through town and a quick stop for lunch, we arrived at one of the fanciest theatres I've ever been in (I'll have to get the name from Mom).  The show was great! I've always loved the movie and it was even more fun to watch it on stage.  They had extra songs and everything! 

 After the show we took a scenic tour through Boston.  We visited Boston Common and Boston Public Garden, where Adam pointed out to me an equestrian statue of Paul Revere, only to discover on closer examination that it was George Washington!!!  We checked out the Make Way for Ducklings statues and somewhere there was an ice skating rink, I think.  Adam lamented that the swan boats weren't running that day, though the pond was probably frozen! It was extremely cold, despite the sunshine.  And windy!  And I was wearing a skirt! Nevertheless, I loved it.  Boston is one of my favorite cities.  It's beautiful, historic, and best of all, it was Adam who introduced me to it.  Along with the rest of the Coxes, of course!  

I believe it was that evening that we stopped in Medford to have dinner with Adam's grandparents.  It was very nice to meet them, though I'm sure I didn't speak two words together the whole time we were there.  Adam's grandfather tried to convince me he was just a mean old grouch, and at the time, I probably believed him!  

Note:  Only the first picture is actually mine.  I've misplaced my disk with all the pictures on it...  I had to steal that one from another place I have it posted online, hence the size.  I'm really bummed about it cause I think I have a really cute shot of Danny sitting on the Mama duck!  I'll see if I can locate it...


Nanci said...

We had such a fun time that day and evening, even though it was really really cold! The show was held at the Wang Center - you can see a picture of the lobby by going to this webpage:

Melissa didn't tell you that at the end of White Christmas, they even had snow fall inside the building! It was really neat!

I'm glad you enjoyed Boston - I love visiting the city - it's such an historic place and is easy to get around whether you walk or hop on "the T" (subway to you outsiders!).


Nanci said...

Sorry, the link doesn't seem to work to take you straight to the page with a picture. So, go to the above mentioned webpage, then on the left click on The Wang Theatre and it should open a page with a picture of the lobby.


Kansas City Cox Family said...


I laughed about the statue of George Revere. :)