Thursday, March 6, 2008

It sure snows a lot in New England!

Saturday was New Year's Eve.  I don't really remember much of what we did that day.  I do remember staying up until midnight to watch the ball drop in Times Square.  We went to bed shortly thereafter since we had to be getting up for church the next morning.

The next day, after church, we drove to Argyle, New York to visit Adam's aunts, Sue and Joyce.  Uncle Bruce and, I think, Aunt Arlene also joined us for dinner.  I was meeting the family left and right!  Sue and Joyce have a beautiful home on a lake, which just happened to be frozen over!  I'd never in my life been to a frozen lake.  With much trepidation I was persuaded to venture out onto the ice.  It was rather unnerving knowing there was just a little ice between me and hypothermia!  

We headed back to Sutton the next day in hopes of making it home before a major snowstorm.  We made it safely there, as did the storm.  School was cancelled for Pat and Danny on Tuesday.  (Mom, please correct me if I'm getting days mixed up.  Its kinda hard to remember it all.)  Again, I can't really remember what went on those last two days of my visit.  I have an awful memory!  I wish I could ask Adam, cause I'm sure HE remembers perfectly!  Well, at any rate, they were absolutely wonderful. And I was so relieved to find that Adam's family was so warm and inviting.  (In fact, I just read in my journal where I was anticipating the visit and hoping that they "aren't Yankee snobs"!!!  Ha ha!  Nothing could be further from the truth!)


julieb said...

hahaha! yankee snobs??? no way! i've rarely met people so nice and so immediately familiar. i have loved being adopted into the Cox family, thanks to you and adam. i just feel like giving the whole family a great big hug right now!!! (consider yourselves hugged, family!)
it's so funny that you were so quickly introduced to even the extended family. i can almost hear adam saying, "she's the one! let's get her among our people!" i'm so happy you both knew it was right and that you were meant for each other almost from day one.

Jon Becca James said...

Isn't it great how excited the extended family is to meet the girls the Cox boys bring home? Jon and I weren't engaged yet either when Jon first brought me home and introduced me not just to his parents but the whole Cox clan. Even Dad's Bruce and Sarah and Amanda were there. (okay, so I wasn't the real reason they came out, just a bonus, but still they enjoyed meeting me--that or they are very good actors!). I didn't get to meet Sue and Joyce or any of the other Harringtons until later though, so you got a bonus. I'm glad you did--what great memories you have of ice skating with Adam on the frozen lake!

(And Julie, thanks for the hug! I feel all warm and cozy:)