Thursday, February 14, 2008

You Owe Me M&Ms.... And Ice Cream!!!

A couple weeks later, we decided it was time I meet some of Adam's family. He had already met my mom, two sisters, brother in law, two nephews and a niece. So, one Sunday in December, Adam and I went to Jon and Becca's for dinner. They were the only family Adam had in town at the time.

Adam and I brought dinner and dessert with us. We made chicken pot pie with a twist. While on his mission, Adam had discovered that using corn meal for the crust was rather tasty. (He couldn't get any bisquick in France.) For dessert, we brought M&Ms and ice cream, since Adam owed them anyway. :)

I was super nervous to be meeting some of Adam's family. I was so shy, I think I hardly spoke the whole time we were there! Becca was especially nice, trying to make me feel more comfortable. And Jon was extremely entertaining as he told us some of his crazy dreams. Adam had told me that Jon had taken Latin before and I was so afraid he would start speaking it fluently at me and make me look dumb. Luckily for me, nobody can speak Latin fluently anymore! (Ok, there might be some super geek out there who can, but he/she is the only one.) After dinner we played some games before Adam and I had to leave to catch a fireside that Nathaniel and Bradley (nephews) were singing at. All in all in was a very nice evening, despite my extreme nervousness. I'm sure all Becca could say about me when she reported to Adam's parents (which I'm sure she did) was that I was especially quiet.

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Jon Becca James said...

yes, Mom and Dad did ask for a report, but in addition to telling them you were shy, I also told them you seemed really nice. I probably also told them you were really pretty.:) --Becca