Thursday, February 21, 2008

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

That Friday night was our last night together before Adam had to leave for Massachusetts.  My good friends, Matt and Raquel, were having their wedding reception that night so Adam and I drove down to Springville to attend.  It was a very nice evening.

Afterwards, Adam insisted that we find one of those instant photo booths to get our picture taken together before he left.  We tried two malls before we gave up and just went back to Adam's apartment.  While we were there, Adam modeled for me his sweet tux that he inherited from his grandfather.  He loves that tux.  And I must say, he looks pretty sharp in it.  

Finally, before he drove me home, Adam gave me a Christmas present.  It was a beautiful silver locket.  I absolutely love it.  It has our initials, M&A, engraved on it.  Now I knew why it was so important we find a photo booth!  He had wanted to give it to me with his picture inside to symbolize that he was giving me his heart.  It didn't take me too long to get a photo small enough to fit.  (With Marmee's help, of course.) 

Once we got back to my house I was able to give him his Christmas present.  It was an engine for his model train set he  had received a few years earlier for Christmas.  I also got him a copy of The Polar Express.  

I was very unhappy when the time came for Adam to go home.  He had tried very hard to get his ticket changed so he could stay a couple extra days in Utah, but it had been too expensive.  The next morning, Marmee and I took him to the airport.  My consolation was that all my family would be in Utah for Christmas and that would help distract me.  Plus, it was only going to be two weeks before I'd be traveling to Massachusetts to join him.  But at that moment, two weeks felt like forever! 

**Note: Unfortunately, I've found I don't have a good picture of my locket to include with this post.  It's really quite shocking.  I'll try to take one in the next few days and add it.  

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Jon Becca James said...

I didn't know he gave you a locket! And with your initials too--that is sooo romantic! Oh, you lucky lady ;)