Monday, February 25, 2008

I'd watch every M.A.S.H. episode ever made, for you Adam!

The next week I practically lived on the phone.  Adam called me every night and we talked for hours.  During the day, we texted back and forth like crazy.  All my siblings were coming into town for Christmas and I was very excited about that.  We went back and forth to the airport, made multiple excursions to the mall, and just hung out at home visiting.  One of my sisters even got married!  Plus, we hadn't all been together in years so there was a lot of catching up to do.  It did help to occupy my time but sometimes things got crazy and I just wished I could curl up next to Adam on the couch and watch a boring episode of MASH.  (That's what happens when Adam gets ahold of the remote...).

Meanwhile, back in Sutton, Adam was actually pretty busy shopping for an engagement ring!  I knew this because the boy couldn't keep a secret from me to save his life.  Even when he thought he had me fooled, I usually knew what he was up to, though I didn't let him know it.  ;)  But he didn't try to hide the fact that he was shopping from me.  In fact, I got a text message letting me know he had finally found the right ring.  It was rather exciting to know he was spending that time searching for my ring and thinking of me.  He had told his mom his intentions before he got the ring, but I don't think he told his dad until after he bought it.  (Correct me if I'm wrong, k?).  I don't think anybody in my family really suspected he had a ring already, though there was lots of speculation, as I recall. 


Messimoo said...

I am soooo excited you have a blog! I'm going to get all caught up before I read anymore. I want to start from the beginning!

Hew said...

Oh MASH! Adam loves MASH. I remember the summer he and I watched like four episodes a day cause it was on that much on tv. It was already set everyday: 2:00-3:00, MASH, then back again at 4:00-5:00, for more MASH (or something like that). I never curled up next to him, though. haha