Monday, February 4, 2008

Hey Adam, wanna play the bean game??

The following week was excellent. It was Thanksgiving, so we only had two days of class! Woo hoo! On Tuesday night, Adam borrowed Jon and Becca's car and took me to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This was the first time he met some of my family, besides Chris. He met Marmee, Becca (Bearden), and Lindsey. Lindsey didn't really take to him at first. She's kinda shy. (It wasn't too long, though, before she was in love with him and thought he was HER boyfriend! Hmph.)

We had a great time at the movies. We even ran into one of my friends from a previous ward and I was very happy to show off my handsome beau. I don't remember what we did afterwards. I believe it was kinda late and Adam had to return the car, so we probably just came back to my house and visited some more. Actually, I think we went to see Julie and Chris.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and I was so excited Adam was coming over. We went totally overboard! We even added some things we don't usually have, like fried okra. I was quite perturbed when Adam didn't fall down in ecstasies over it like I do. :) Adam came over first thing in the morning so he could watch the parade while my mom and I cooked dinner. Marmee and I lived upstairs from Julie and Chris in the same house, and they were downstairs cooking lots of food, too. We all met in the upstairs kitchen for the delicious feast. Afterwards we subjected Adam to the Bearden tradition of playing crazy games. We had a lot of fun.

Later that afternoon, Adam and I both went to work in the dispatch center. I really don't know why we were there, because holidays are usually really slow and only one person would work. Well, there was another dispatcher there, me and Adam. And there was nothing happening on campus! I think we just wanted holiday pay and if one of us was going to be there, the other couldn't stand to be away. During our down time at work, we continued shopping for a ticket to Mass for me. I found a good price and made the decision to go. I was to leave on December 29 and return on January 6. I was so happy and excited to be going, I don't think I even felt nervous.

**Note: This post was created at the expense of my homework. It was a sacrifice I had to make for the blog. You're welcome.


marmee said...

Well, it's about time you updated the blog! :) I've been waiting for the next post.
I remember that time so well - you both were SO happy!

Jon Becca James said...

Thank you mel! I appreciate you sacrificing your homework time for us blog readers. Your efforts are very much appreciated! I love you and miss you lots. Give baby Joseph hugs and kisses for me. love, Becca

julieb said...

mel, i remember that time like it was yesterday -- it was so wonderful. lindsey fell hard in love with adam! i also remember adam going after me specifically when we played blockus!!! good times.

Josh said...

Thanks for sacrificing your homework. That must have been hard ;) Cool stuff! By the way, those photos in the next post are cool -- you guys look great together in them.