Saturday, February 16, 2008

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Contrary to popular belief, Adam and I didn't start talking marriage on our first date.  It was on our second date.  It just kinda came up and we both expressed the hope that our new relationship might eventually make it there.  Well, by now Adam had decided he needed to take me ring shopping.  Just so he could get an idea of what I wanted.  I told him the only detail I had set in my mind was that I wanted a sapphire instead of a diamond.  Sapphire is my birthstone, you know. But even with that, if he had his heart set on a diamond, I was open to negotiation.  Adam replied that he wanted to get me a sapphire so my ring would match my eyes. :)

We only had a week before Adam left for Mass for Christmas break.  One afternoon we borrowed my mom's car to go shopping for a wedding gift for one of my friends and since we were already out we stopped at a few jewelers.  Ring shopping was very difficult for me.  I HATE expressing opinions.  And to make matters worse, you have to talk to the salesperson!  Good thing I had Adam with me so I could make him do all the talking.  I tried on lots of different rings, but ultimately I came home with no better idea of what I wanted.  I told Adam I wanted the ring he picked out for me.  

He languished over this decision, it seemed.  Did I want a solitaire?  Did I want a sapphire with diamonds or a diamond with sapphires?  What cut did I want? What about the band?  Etc.  Poor man!  I was no help to him at all.  But I really didn't care.  I was more excited about getting a ring that Adam had picked out just for me than in getting a ring that looked a particular way.  (And just wait 'til you see the ring he picked out.  Perfect!!!)

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marmee said...

It IS perfect!! As soon as I saw it, I knew he couldn't have made a better choice. Of course, I also knew that ANY ring he gave you would have been perfect in your eyes.
I love you!