Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Getting Better

The next day, Sunday, I got online on the offchance that Adam might instant message me again. He did! And this time, we didn't just talk about work. He had gone out to Preference the night before with a girl from his ward and apparently stayed out too late. I was able to ascertain that he did not like this girl as more than friends and this was a huge bit of information. That must mean he didn't have a girlfriend! I was ecstatic! We continued talking until well after midnight. It was heavenly.

The next afternoon I had to work again, and again with Christy. And she totally knew something was up. Looking back, I guess she was also chatting online with Adam and he was teling her everything. I finally told her that I had a crush on Adam and she began strategizing and encouraging, as always. (This was a kind of tradition we had. We loved discussing guys at work. It passed the time on a dull shift very nicely.) Adam and I continued chatting online, which was crucial since we only saw each other two days a week. Things just kept getting better and better. Christy would tell me the cute things he had said about me and how she knew he liked me, too.

Well, that momentous night finally arrived. Thursday. It was a radio club meeting night so Adam didn't come in until after 8:00 p.m. It was also my very first time working in dispatch alone. I was very nervous. I had worked there for years as an alarm monitor and had been training as a dispatcher for months, but the thought of getting a 911 call with no one there to help me was terrifying. (Ethan, the other dispatcher who was supposed to work with me, was also going to the nerd meeting. He and Christy had switched shifts which was why she was working the previous Saturday morning. Just in case someone was reading really closely and got confused.) I'm pretty sure nothing happened, though.

I was really excited about this night, partly because I got to see Adam in person for the first time after spending a lot of time chatting, but mostly because Christy had told me she thought he was going to ask me out. (She had convinced him I wasn't technically his supervisor.) When he got there he seemed distant, probably because he was less comfortable around Ethan than Christy. I kept waiting for him to say something to me. Ask to talk to me privately. Something! Nothing. It was one of the worst Thursday nights we had ever had together. My shift ended and I left, dejected. By the time I got home, I was devastated. I had been counting on him asking me out. I started to get mad at Christy for getting my hopes up. Before I went to bed, I decided to give him one last chance. I got back online.

Almost immediately, he started talking to me. A few minutes later, he started telling me how he "hated to do this over the internet" but he had no other means at his disposal at the moment and would I like to go on a date with him Friday night. :) Suddenly the world was perfect. I don't think I need to say this, but I accepted, and he began asking me what I wanted to do. I really didn't care as long as he was going to be there. So, we decided he was in charge of everything and he would call me the next day after my Latin class to let me know what the plan was. I went to bed that night one very happy girl.


Jon Becca James said...

Jon asked me on our first date over the internet too! It was an email instead of an IM, but close enough. It must be a Cox thing. I wonder if Matt will use the same method to ask out a certain girl I think he should ask out in January . . . lol.

I love, love, love your stories! Seriously, I want a copy of the book. Love, Becca

Christy said...

You were both so unsure of how the other felt! It was so cute to hear both of you talk of the other with so much infatuation! By far one of by best BYU memories. :) -Christy