Saturday, December 22, 2007

He loves me!!!

Adam was planning on being out with the radio club on Monday and Tuesday nights. For whatever reason, I couldn't join him on Monday night. We had talked earlier that day and pretty much decided that we wanted to be boyfriend/girlfriend. I know what you're thinking: You've only been on one date!! I know! I'd tell me the same thing if I were you. But it was just right. We also decided he was going to come to my house for Thanksgiving dinner. This meant he had to break his engagement at Jon and Becca's (bro and sis-in-law). And in order to do that, he had to tell Becca about me. Telling Becca meant he had to tell his mom for fear she would hear it from Becca first. It was a very delicate matter. So, he shot off an email to his mom, telling her we had "been out a few times." Hee hee! And he called Becca to cancel.

I was really sorry not to be joining Adam that night. The thought of "my boyfriend" out walking in the freezing cold all alone made me so sad. So, I got him the next best thing to having me hanging on his arm: GUMMY BEARS! My sister drove me to campus and we ran into Adam somewhere around the Smith fieldhouse. He looked like such a cutie in his scouting jacket and red and blue striped hat, with his radio hanging around his neck! I think when he first saw me he thought I had changed my mind and decided to stay with him. That made me feel even worse! I must have had class or something the next morning to keep me from going. Though, that doesn't seem like enough to have kept me away, actually.

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Emily said...

It doesn't sound like Adam got any sleep from the moment you guys started dating! Though I'm sure he didn't mind! :)