Sunday, December 16, 2007

He loves me; he loves me... not?!?

I had to be at work bright and early the next morning, but I minded this much less considering Adam would be joining me a few hours later. As the time grew nearer for his arrival, I grew more and more anxious about seeing him. It was weird seeing him the first time after a date at work. And he was always a little less friendly on Saturdays. Finally, the time came and I saw him coming in on the security cameras. When I heard the door open, I waited just a moment before turning around to say Hello. He was looking above my head at the television which was always on mute! I was so excited to see him and he didn't even look at me! When he finally did make eye contact he acted very cool and unconcerned. Like his usual Saturday self. I was crestfallen! Looking back I'm glad he didn't act differently towards me as I would have felt uncomfortable since there were other people in the room and they would have realized how we felt about each other. But at the time, I thought it was the most terrible sign. Of course, as the few hours we had together that day passed, I realized he was no less enthusiastic than he had been the night before, and I was free to be crazy about him.

Everything was off to a great start. I even invited him over to my sister's house to watch a movie with me and company that night, but he had homework to do. I was actually okay with that considering I hadn't let anybody else know I was inviting him! We continued chatting online when we could. I probably really hindered his ability to do homework. Over the weekend, he invited me to accompany him when he was out for campus watch the next week during Red Week. (Every fall, the week of the football game against Utah, we have extra patrols around campus to catch any pranksters. The Nerd, a.k.a. HAM radio club, always helps out. Adam was going to be out patrolling, when he wasn't working extra-late hours in the dispatch center.) I wasn't excited at the prospect of spending hours out in the frigid cold and I had technically sworn never to do anything associated with the Nerd Club, but how could I pass up the chance to be with Adam for those hours. I agreed to go. (I really had no concept of just how cold it was going to be.)

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Emily said...

So I just found your blog through a random bit of clicking through facebook. And because I'm no longer a student and am secluded in an elementary school all day, this is the first that I've heard about your terrible loss. Please know how sorry I am to hear about Adam. He was a great guy and I feel lucky to have worked with him. I sat here and bawled as I read back through your blog posts about meeting him. You are the cutest couple and I'm glad I got to witness a tiny bit of your courtship.

You're such a strong girl Melissa and I'm so impressed with your spirit.

And just so you don't think I'm a blog stalker, here's my blog:

Emily (Van Natter) Stephenson