Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Deus ex machina

October was ending and I was still trying to come up with a way for us to meet outside of work. I decided it was okay to invite him to a party - that's completely different than asking out on a date. Rachel and Hillary, two of my friends from Latin, and I decided to have a Halloween get together. It was going to be at my house and we were really just going to order pizza and watch movies. We invited a few other friends and I was going to invite Adam, despite the fact that I knew full well he had to work that Saturday night. My reasoning was this: if he didn't want to come, he had an easy out to soften the rejection. If he did want to come he could try and get work off. And if nothing else, he would at least know I wanted to be real friends and not just co-workers. Well, true to form, I chickened out. Our other friends couldn't come anyway, so Rachel, Hillary and I had a great time eating caramel apples and watching Henry V by ourselves. The evening wasn't a total loss.

Despite my timidity, our friendship was evolving. I woke up one Friday morning after a glorious night at work, to discover he had invited me to be friends on facebook. I quickly accepted and began flirting via email. The next development occured in early November. Christy and I walked into work bright and early one Saturday morning to discover that the Smith Fieldhouse was flooding. Majorly. It was a crazy morning. Things were starting to calm down in dispatch later that morning when I got an unexpected instant message from mightymouse334. He wanted to let me know he was going to take a test and might be a little late for his shift which started at 1:00 p.m. I told him to check out the damage on his way back so he could report back to us. Everyone responding to the disaster was too busy to update us on what it was like. I think I was so happy that he had instant messaged me that I couldn't even tell Christy about it. I didn't want to reveal how happy it made me. Though, why he didn't just call... Anyway. That's not the important part.

Later that afternoon I was again at my sister Julie's house. My other sister, Becca, was there as well. She was telling us all about her latest crush and how he had asked her out to dinner or something of the sort. I lamented how I wished the same would happen to me. Well, a few minutes later, Chris, my brother-in-law, came into the room and announced that he had just called Adam at work. (Chris is the same bro-in-law who was supervisor over dispatch and HAM nerd, so he knew Adam pretty well.) He said he had told Adam that if he were to ask me out, I would not say no. I was MORTIFIED! Ok, I was really very grateful to him, but I was still so afraid it would backfire. I had been trying to get Chris to help me out in view of his extra connections with Adam. But I had no idea he would be so blunt about it. I wasn't 100% sure I believed him at first, actually. Later that afternoon, I instant messaged Adam about a work related matter. I was too embarassed to call him. He seemed normal, but how can you tell over instant messenger?

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Jon Becca James said...

Ah! You are holding me in suspense, girl! I want to know more! Please, tell!