Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside!

On Tuesday evening, I hitched a ride to campus with my brother Chris, as he was heading out to join the radio club for patrol duty. We met by the fountain on the north side of the ASB. The club members divided up areas of responsibility and split up. Adam was to roam around the HFAC. We must have circled the HFAC a dozen times, listening to the goofy chatting of the other members of the club, and chatting ourselves, before Chris radioed Adam to meet him by the Kimball tower. There was usually somebody posted on top of the 13 story tower to have a better view of campus. Chris, as club president, decided to let me and Adam take that post. It was more conducive to conversation.

The view from the tower is beautiful. I was amazed by how much of Provo we could see. I wasn't much help to Adam at looking out for Utah fans; I was too busy checking out the view from all four sides. Well, if it was cold on the ground, it was downright frigid on top of that tower. We spent a lot of the time huddled together to keep warm. As we were huddling, we began having what would be considered a DTR. ;) At one point in our conversation, the part where I was confessing to Adam that I had had a huge crush on him all along, I leaned forward and hid my face against his shoulder to hide my blushing. Suddenly I heard a squelching noise from his radio! Horrified that I had just announced to the entire radio club and BYU police department my feelings for Adam, I jumped back and looked to Adam for help. He was just as worried as I was! We stood there in silence for several minutes, waiting to see if someone would say anything about it. When no one did, Adam assured me that it probably hadn't gone out over the radio.

The rest of the night passed rather pleasantly. I don't think we had any real run-ins with pranksters. If we did they weren't very memorable. Or maybe I was just too caught up in Adam to pay much attention to what was going on. When Adam's watch ended he asked me if I would like to come out with him again on Friday night. I decided I didn't mind the cold so much when the company was so nice.

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