Sunday, December 9, 2007

11 November 2005

I only had one class that Friday morning and it was over by noon. As soon as I got outside, I turned my cell phone on in anticipation of that most coveted of phone calls: a call about a date with Adam Cox. I met up with my sister, Becca, to catch the bus home. We were walking across the Wilk quad when my cell phone rang. Adam wanted to confirm time and activities. We were going to see a show at the newly constructed planetarium about Harry Potter! Due to Adam's lack of transportation, we decided I could catch the bus back to campus and meet at the bus stop outside the Wilk. I went home and immediately began primping. I only had seven hours!

My curious sisters decided they wanted to catch a glimpse of this guy I was crazy about, so they drove me to campus and dropped me off at the bus stop. Just as we got there, I saw Adam running across the street. He looked so handsome! We met up and cut through the Wilk on the way to the science center. It was a cold, rainy night and it was a good thing I thought to bring an umbrella. Fortunately, it was only designed for one, so it required us to get nice and cozy for our walk across campus.

We got to the planetarium a little early so we had some time to just sit and chat. I really enjoyed the show. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, and Adam knew that, so it was a perfect choice. I can't remember anything they talked about really, but it was interesting. Just knowing that Adam was sitting next to me, despite the fact that I could no longer see him, made me happy.

After the show we walked to the creamery for ice cream. I got my usual, peanut butter cup, and Adam had a soft serve, chocolate and vanilla swirl sundae with gummy bears. I have since learned of the superiority of that sundae to any other ice cream imaginable. After ice cream, we stopped off at his apartment so he could loan me his fashionable green scout jacket since I was painfully ill clad for the cold weather. Then we continued to stroll around campus, just talking.

When we got to Maeser Hill, which really gets a bad wrap, in my opinion, for being dangerous, I challenged him to roll down the hill with me. This was one of my tests I liked to use on dates. If they were willing to roll down the hill, they had potential. I mean, I needed a guy who's willing to act like a fool along side me. Well, Adam was willing, but I wouldn't let him considering the wet, muddy, freezing state of the grass. But he got the points all the same. Instead, we found a nice tree to climb up into. We sat there, still just talking away, for a while before we headed off campus to my house. I had decided I really didn't want to have to call my sister to come pick me up and it was getting too late for the bus, so I just had Adam walk me home.

Several blocks later, we arrived at my house. Neither of us wanted the date to end, so we just sat out on the front porch swing, talking. I just love talking to that man! He told me about how he wanted to go to Alaska the next summer to drive tour buses, and how his mom always forgot his birthday (though she and I have since ascertained that this was a huge exaggeration), and how he was going to live in Wyview Park the next year and that I should live there, too. It was heavenly. But, eventually, it grew late and close to curfew time. So, after giving me one big, dreamlike hug, he took back his jacket and headed home. I really hated seeing him go, not just because I missed his company, but because it was freezing cold and he had so far to go. But he assured me he didn't mind the walk at all. How could he, though, after a date like that?

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Jon Becca James said...

what a wonderful first date! i had no idea the planetarium did shows like harry potter. that was so nice of adam to walk you home. what a good man!