Monday, November 26, 2007

Picture it...

Provo, September 2005. A beautiful young BYU coed is working as a dispatcher for the university police department. One day, a devastatingly handsome man walks into the station and steals her heart. A few short months later they are married and live happily ever after. That young girl was me. And that hottie, was Adam.

Maybe I watch a little too much Golden Girls... I've decided to use my blog to chronicle the story of how Adam and I met, fell in love, got married, and all that jazz. I'm going to use it as a place to keep my memories fresh and share them with family and friends who didn't get the chance to meet Adam yet. I just love talking about Adam, so I hope nobody gets tired of hearing me

So, here goes. I heard about Adam several days before I actually met him. I was helping in the hiring process for some new people at the police department and I saw his application. As soon as I saw that he was a licensed HAM radio operator, I knew the supervisor (my brother-in-law, also a HAM nerd) would hire him. I also saw that he went to France on his mission and was a French teaching major. France wasn't very en vogue at the time, so I had to hide the fact that I thought that was way cool. I grew up reading and loving French novels (Victor Hugo, the Scarlet Pimpernel series which I realize aren't French, but they're about France. It counts.). Moving on.

The first time I laid eyes on Adam was in the waiting area of the police department when I went to get him for his interview. Honestly, I can't remember what I really thought of him. He was there for a job interview so I was focusing on if he'd be a good employee. I do remember that his tie didn't match his shirt, though.

Needless to say, he was hired, along with several other new recruits and I was in charge of training them all. It was at our second meeting that I realized he was an extremely cute guy. He came in to submit his availability for his work schedule and to set up a time for training, and I found myself flirting with him. (Adam later told me that he didn't think I was cute until this meeting either. He had been very nervous at the interview. He also said he could swear I had on a wedding ring... yeah, he checked.)


Nanci said...

Hey Mel,

You know I'll never tire of reading your stories about Adam!

See you soon!

Mom Cox

Nanci said...

hey mel it is true. she won't tire of it. i <3 u 2 hehehe. ttyl. love dan.

julieb said...

mel, this is great. i am so glad you're doing it. can't wait to read all the stories again of your dream romance with prince charmingly perfectly wonderful. and i loved seeing that video you posted on the fam site; it is great to hear his voice and see his cute mannerisms. i love it!

marmee said...

I love to read your stories, too! I know we all still have Adam in our lives through the memories we have of him and I'm so glad you're writing so that those who didn't get to meet him in person can see what a special young man he is!
Love, Mom

beccabearden said...

golden girls! you crack me up mel! love ya!